About Jumma Prayer

Dear Praying Brethren
Thank you for your visit to Jumma Prayer  which is dedicated and designed to Pray for Ministry among Muslims and lift up our Persecuted Believers in Muslim world.

Once you are subscribed to Jumma Prayer .Your e-mail address and preferences have been recorded in our database. Privacy is important to us; therefore, we will not give or use for any other purpose.

At any point, you can select the link at the bottom of every email to unsubscribe. If ever you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail me at the address on this letter. I will attend to them as proficiently as time and other matters allow.

Ministry of Grace is under INF (International Neighborhood Foundation) is a registered  non-profit Christian Organisation for Muslims Ministry in Karnataka. Engaged in Muslim ministry and facilitate resources for Muslim Ministry across the Word. 

Jumma Prayer Ministry
We first started this ministry of prayer in 2004 with only 20 people who were our yahoo friends and prayer partner. Seeing great the important of this ministry for our church today we shifted to Google group and today we have more than 2500 (2012 Oct)  praying people around the world.

He led us to begin an e-mail newsletter that is sent  out  on a weekly basis. We have not given up on sending out every week on Friday Called “Jumma” the very day Muslim gather to gather in their central Mosque to offer mass prayer and plan and program for any new events. As they pray to unknown god and plan for vanity. We as a believer come to OUR HEAVENLY FATHER with meaningful purpose to Pray for them to see the light and hear the truth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jumma Prayer subscribers who are from India any parts of state with any Mobile Service Provider can subscribe to their mobile number and get update through small SMS every week. Here is link to Subscribe Freely if you are from India .( Now this service is used for only those who have started or part of Physical Jumma Prayer Group in our City) 

In fact, people have thanked me for informing them of events that happened in their own country (as well as elsewhere) that they otherwise were not aware of. Communication and freedom of information is not as readily available in many places overseas.

You are free to circulate, distribute, and republish these messages as you wish, as long as their content, identity and source are not compromised. And please forward them to your friends and ask them to subscribe.

God bless you as we try to get out the message about the wonderful work of God being accomplished by our brothers and sisters in Christ in the "Majority World."
Yours for Jesus' sake,
Sabir Ali